VIC - MCCV Maltese Language Classes - Parkville

VIC - MCCV Maltese Language Classes - ParkvilleVICTORIA




The MCCV -Maltese Language Classes have been in operation since the establishment of the Maltese Community Council.  The current structure of the classes was formed in 2003 when the remaining volunteer teacher Charles Formosa was unable to run classes at Parkville.  For several years no promotion had been made to encourage students to attend classes in Parkville. Resources for tutors were non existent and teachers had to rely on their own books to provide material for students.  The class had dwindled to 5 students.  A call for teachers was made and two teachers volunteered, Laura Schembri and John Kiomall.  It was necessary that classes be advertised to the wider community, and not just to listeners of community radio. A campaign was implemented. Posters were mailed to libraries, Churches, schools, councils and business.  Concentration of this mail out was targeted towards Local Councils were statistically it was documented Maltese or people of Maltese extraction lived.  The number of students increased immediately and the school expanded to two classes. Another first initiative taken was to compile details of Maltese classes taught in Victoria and put this information on the MCCV website.    Interstate Maltese Schools were also contacted and information put on the MCCV website thanks to Mr Charles Belli


Dictionaries and other text  books were purchased to cater for the increase in the number of Students. Contact was made with the  Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-ilsien Malti . Other resources purchased were a CD disk player.  The extra MCCV DVD player and TV were also used for educational purposes.  In 2009 a laptop use as an audio visual aid was purchased.  This complemented the desktops used in the MCCV Library.

Another initiative undertaken was the introduction of a Maltese history component to students. The Maltese Historical Association (MHA) gave a series of lectures on Maltese History starting with early Maltese settlers until the arrival of the Maltese Knights.  The MCCV thanks the respective speakers for their contribution to furthering the Maltese Culture.  The MHA has for the last 5 years organised a Language Immersion Day at the MCCV for all students attending Maltese Language Classes in Victoria.