NSW - Maltese Academy NSW


The people and society, living in the country we now recognise as Malta, have survived two world wars and multiple dominating foreign cultures that wanted to colonise its inhabitants.

The Maltese kept their language intact and it continues to develop to this day.
Although the Maltese diasporas are culturally and linguistically diverse, our identity and our understandings of the significance of our heritage are growing strong.

The name Skola Maltija is derived from an ongoing question throughout history: what is Maltese? To be Maltese may mean different things for different people. Though essentially, Maltese people are inherently multicultural.

The Maltese language itself is still developing as a dynamic language in many places around the world as well as in Australia and Malta, including Canada, Morocco, New Zealand, America and Britain.

Recent events such as Malta’s membership to the European Union and the granting of duel citizenship to all successive generations of Maltese in Australia, assures us that il-Malti will continue to be a dynamic language in content and that the number of people who engage with it will increase.

Our modern world which is grappling with the new global society and all the challenges within it, can find there is more to be learnt from the Maltese experience; including the Maltese language itself, the history and heritage we assume today and the development of our culture over literally, many thousands of years.

Skola Maltija is a movement whose time has come. Skola Maltija…Nimxu (we walk forward in knowledge).