Student Grant Subsidy 2017 Informaton



                                                                                                                 ABN: 60 436 916 875

The Federation of Maltese Language Schools Australia Inc. (FMLS) is pleased to offer an AUD$100 “Scholarship Assistance” to residents of Australia sitting for the Maltese Language VCE/HSC/SACE exam in 2017.

The aims of this scholarship is to encourage the Maltese language maintenance in the Australian community and to foster interest in Maltese culture through Maltese language studies.


 To be considered for this scholarship, you must:

1. Be an Australian resident

2. Be enrolled for the Maltese VCE/HSC/SACE exam in 2017 at the time of application

3. Submitted Units 3 and 4 Maltese VCE/HSC/SACE 2017

3. Have sat for Maltese VCE/HSC/SACE exam in 2017



All application materials must be complete and received by 31, January 2018, in order to be considered.

 The following materials should be submitted:

  1. Completed FMLS Grant subsidy application form
  2. Evidence of submission of Units 3 and 4 Units VCE/HSC/SACE
  3. Signed certified copy of the 2017 Maltese VCE/HSC/SACE result issued by the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority, Board of Studies NSW, SACE Board of South Australia or relevant state body.



Recipients will be selected by the FMLS Selection Committee based on the application materials provided. All scholarship applicants will be notified of the Committee’s decision by  the 28 February, 2018. Each recipient will be asked to attend an awards ceremony.  The number of scholarship awards is based on the availability of funds. In 2017, the Federation of Maltese Language Schools Australia Inc., expects to grant fifteen scholarships of $100 each to the first fifteen eligible students who apply and meet the selection process. 

The FMLS application and required documents should be scanned and sent electronically to:

The Secretary, Federation of Maltese Language Schools Inc.,


Apply for your FMLS GRANT APPLICATION FORM by filling in your details  below: