Services - The Federation of Maltese Language Schools Inc. 

Aims & Objectives

The Federation shall provide a united organisation of Maltese schools for the development and promotion of Maltese language and culture in Australia and New Zealand, where:

 a.       Members agree to share knowledge, resources and activities for the benefit of all. It provides the opportunity for a unified approach between inter-schools, state/territory, national and international in the field of teaching of Maltese language and culture for the benefit of all those who attend member schools.

b.       Member schools agree to actively support a unified program of teaching methodology and professional development of teachers within the scope of the objectives of the Federation, and to uphold the spirit and intent of cooperation, coordination and communication for the benefit of all Federation members and their school community.

c.       It coordinates and assists in the activities of the member schools

d.       It develops, motivates and enhances the recognition and expression on the Maltese language.

e.       It raises funds by subscription, donations and grants from government and private sources to aid the activities of the FMLS.

f.        It establishes and maintains regular and frequent contacts with local, national and international organisations which have functions similar to or complementary to, those functions of the federation and establish exchanges of views and resources with them.

g.       It develops National Coordination and Quality teaching assurance in all its member schools.